Imagine being sure you will receive rental income even if your tenant doesn’t pay rent, cancels early or absconds.

With RENTSECURE rental insurance for landlords, your income is protected.*

*Subject to terms and conditions.

Download our RENTSECURE Landlords' Guide. It answers these questions:

  1. What problem does this solve?
  2. What are the benefit limits?
  3. Who qualifies for cover?
  4. What are the pros & cons of rental insurance?
  5. How are claims handled?
  6. How do you sign up?

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Even the most reliable tenants can run into financial trouble that leads to:

Non-payment / part-payment of rent

Cancelling their leases early

Or leaving without notice

RENTSECURE is an insurance product for landlords designed to cover your rental income, if your tenants are unable to pay their rent.

Benefits of RENTSECURE


3 Months’ cover for loss of income due to tenant non-payment


1 Month’s cover for absconding tenants


No waiting period


1 Month’s cover for early cancellation


Up to R50 000 cover for eviction-related legal fees


No excess

Do you need rental insurance cover?

You should consider it if:

You have new tenants and don’t yet know how reliable they are

You rely heavily on the rent you collect to pay the bond

You are expecting turbulent times

You simply don’t want to worry about rent payments and/or evictions

With Just Property and RENTSECURE, you’ll have all bases covered.
Even when your tenant doesn’t pay rent.

Underwritten by Genric Insurance and administered by Paton & Associates, both FSP registered.